The Gaze and Your Mental States

A few days ago we discussed the directed mind vs the fuzzy mind. But there’s one aspect we haven’t touched yet.

When you become aware of the deeper processes of your mind, you notice that your eyes are truly the window of your soul.

This is not just a common saying. It’s something you can observe with practice and awareness.

The position and overall use of your eyes and gaze reflect what is happening inside.

This is something which is rarely talked in the scientific community (although hinted on a few articles), but it has a tremendous impact.

How you can scientifically test it is beyond me, since it’s a very internal feeling.

Those who’ve done the Magnetic Gaze training certainly had a taste of it.

But you can only truly understand this when you start to join the awareness you gain in trainings like 10 Steps to Inner Power, Vitality and Energy Power and Concentration and Mind Control with the Magnetic Gaze exercises.

Then you can experimentally understand that the way you use your eyes and your gaze, is definitely related to your mental states.

The ancient yogis knew this very well, that’s why in traditional yoga techniques, the eyes always have a fixed position (called drishti) which is different depending on the specific technique and energetic process.

So, certain positions or ways to use the eyes and the overall gaze, can enhance or diminish certain mental states.

I understand this may be a bit more advanced for most students since the awareness needed to fully understand this is already quite high, but I’m presenting this information to show that all these materials and trainings have a complementary relationship and the more awareness of your own internal states you have, the more your magnetism has the potential to grow.

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