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It’s interesting how charisma and personal magnetism are often ignored in organizations, and even in the university training managers.


Those who get promoted and become organization leaders are very often magnetic and charismatic.

It’s rare to find a good leader who doesn’t have a certain degree of charisma.

The same thing happens in school and universities in terms of popularity. I remember a friend I had in high school that was very magnetic, his name was David. He didn’t had good grades but was popular and everyone knew him, including all the teachers.

Myself, at that time, had very little magnetism, but my grades were good.

After all this time, a few weeks ago I found an old school teacher. She didn’t remembered me, I had to explain who I was and from what time and then she remembered. Once she remembered, guess what she asked next?

“Hey whatever happened to David?”

She still remember him after all these years, yet she didn’t remember me.

Why? Magnetism and charisma are the answer. On this case, David’s natural magnetism.

And then, even though magnetic persons have advantages everywhere in life, in jobs, in school, socially and sexually, it’s still hard for people to admit this is a (very!) big factor to be successful and achieve whatever you want to achieve.

You may be able to reach there without magnetism, but everything is so much easier with it!

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