Get mind, body and energy under the control of the Will

Most people live under a zombie state where they go through life like a leaf in the wind with little to no control.

We’ve all heard something like:

“I can’t seem to get inspiration to write my book”

“I’m not motivated enough to pursue my project”

“I don’t have enough will power to diet”

“I was about to do X, but then my favorite tv show came on”

And so, they continue to go through life one day at a time without any kind of control.

As you might expect, their life goes by without achieving anything significant.

While others, who are not waiting for divine inspiration or superhuman motivation, actually use their Will to accomplish what they want.

Writing a book is not about waiting for the muse to strike. It’s about writing every day – whether you feel like it or not.

The same about whatever project you want to accomplish.

It’s not about motivation, it’s about actually doing it. Some days you will be motivated and others you won’t.

That’s just the way it is.

The “muse” won’t be with you everyday, as opposed to your inner power which will always be there.

That’s why inner power is always our first training in Charisma School. It’s fundamental to achieve anything significant.

The main objective of all inner power training is to have mind, body and energy under the control of the Will.

To avoid being fooled by your own mind and actually begin to impose your Will on yourself and the world.

To understand and achieve this Will State as frequent as possible. To know how to use it in your own daily life.

Doing what you know you WANT to be doing rather than being a leaf in the wind who only gets where the wind decides.

Inner power is deeper than what seems at first glance. It’s not only about self-confidence. It’s a mastery over yourself. To do what you set out to do with full control. To understand your Will and to use it to accomplish what you want to accomplish.

For that, start with the 10 Steps to Inner Power training, our flagship training to develop this internal strength.

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