You are a great FRIEND! How to get out of the friend zone

Here are some phrases that men simply LOVE to hear from women:“You are a great friend!”

“I love you like a brother!”

“I don’t want to ruin our friendship”

“You’re my BFF!”

If you tend to hear this often, or at least, more than you’d like, chances are: you’re not projecting enough sexual energy.

You are not being sexual enough.

There’s a difference between approaching someone with a sexual intention and approaching someone with a comfortable and friendly intention.

There’s a difference between feeling “friendly” and feeling “sexual”.

I don’t know about you, but I have enough friends. I don’t need a random woman in a bar to become my friend. If I’m approaching her, it’s not because I want more friends.

If you’re constantly trying to “get to know her”, or for her to “be comfortable with you”, then you’re shooting yourself in the foot.

(Unless you truly want more friends! There’s nothing wrong with that)

But if you want to have sex, then you need to be sexual.

Simple as that.

You need to project sexuality and you need to make her feel this raw sexuality. That’s the only way to create sexual attraction and to stop listening those “let’s just be friends” type of phrases.

Learn how to do it here:
>>> Sexual Energy Mastery

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