Get out of the rut – internal vs external

I see many students getting stuck practicing only internal methods while avoiding actually taking actions in the world.

As important as our internal thoughts and energy are, we can’t fall into the mistake of only doing the comfortable internal methods and leave out the uncomfortable external actions.

It’s surely a lot easier to lie down on your bed and do some energy movements. And yes, that’s indeed a fundamental aspect of personal magnetism.

BUT… you can’t fall prey to stick with this comfortable methods alone.

That’s not enough.

It’s surely a lot more painful to leave your comfort zone and take different actions in the world than the ones you are used to.

Or, getting angry with someone because they are disrespecting you.

Sometimes you do need to cut someone off. Or to change jobs. Or to be angry with someone. Or to take any sort of definitive action.

Many of these actions are not pleasant and you will never feel pleasant. So don’t expect it to feel good.

But they are often needed.

Particularly in the initial phase of your transformation where most commonly you are stuck in a hole that you can’t get out.

The good feeling will only come later… with time and by reaping the good consequences of those necessary actions.

There’s a reason why the 10 Steps to Inner Power is our foundational training and has a mixture of internal as well as external actions and techniques. It creates the necessary groundwork for the rest of the personal magnetism training.

It gets you into a state of mind where you get used to external action into the world and it’s also coupled with internal techniques. None of them lives alone.

The same way, just external actions alone will not create the necessary internal environment to cultivate the energy and magnetism you are seeking. You also need to practice the internal methods for that.

A combination of both is the answer.

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