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Finally, the first Charisma School book is published!

It’s titled:

“The Secrets to Charisma and Personal Magnetism”

It’s an introduction to our teachings and techniques.

If you want a quick and easy way to understand what Charisma School is all about and how it can turn you into a charismatic individual, start with this book!

You learn exactly what is charisma and personal magnetism and explains the usual myths surrounding it (do you have to be born with it?)

You can also learn in detail the 4 Pillars of Charisma, what you absolutely need to have in order to be charismatic and magnetic.

And you can also know the story of Charisma School, how it was all created.

There’s even a chapter on the Magnetic Gaze and another on Sexual Energy.

There are some exercises on the book as well, although, as you might imagine, it’s not a full training.

If you already already a Charisma School student for a while, most likely this book won’t be anything new for you, but it’s certainly an efficient way to fill some gaps on the knowledge.

Best of all…

During the next 3 days, you will be able to download it for FREE!

This way you can save the whopping amount of $1.22!

You can get it here.

Feel free to share the link with everyone you think it will benefit from being more charismatic and magnetic.

And if you enjoy it, write up a review, let everyone know how useful it is.

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