Getting rid of the pain

When you’re in pain, the quickest and easiest route is to eliminate it as soon as possible.

What you’re trying to resist, what you’re attempting not to feel, is weakening you.

You are wasting energy trying NOT to feel. Naturally, no one wants to experience something unpleasant.

If you touch a burning kettle with your hand, the initial reaction is always to remove it. You don’t even need to think or decide; it’s an automatic response.

Similarly, you’ve developed many of these automatic responses to other emotional pains in your life. Perhaps it wasn’t a burning kettle, but rather related to your parents, siblings, or early relationships, and so forth.

Eventually, you found a way to react and distance yourself from the pain. However, while this method protected you, it likely wasn’t the best approach. Especially if you now live as if you’re constantly pulling your hand away from the fire. In other words, you’re living as if you’re under constant attack, thus keeping your defense mechanisms always active.

This is quite exhausting. You’re spending energy defending and resisting what you don’t want to feel, leaving you with less energy for other important aspects of your life—perhaps people or situations you’d prefer to invest your energy in.

Yet, your energy is being drained by old defense mechanisms that no longer serve a purpose.

That’s why you need to dismantle them. You must allow yourself to feel whatever you’re feeling to regain energy. Yes, you might have to experience the metaphorical burn so you notice that it won’t burn as badly as you remember.

The defense mechanisms need to recognize that they’re no longer necessary. Once this is realized, more energy will become available to you.

That’s what we work on in the course:
>>> The Unblocking Process

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