Getting your house in order

Here’s an interesting quote from William Walker Atkinson:

“The exercise of Will shows itself in two ways:

(1) the Mastery of one’s own Mind; and

(2) the Mastery of the minds of others.

The second is well nigh impossible unless the first be accomplished. One must first train his mind so that he will hold it firmly in the grasp of the Will, and prevent it from jumping this way and that way, instead of moving ahead to its purpose.

When one has so trained his mind to be obedient to his Will, that it can be held steady and “one pointed”, as the Hindus say, then is he in a position to direct his Mentative Currents upon others to the best advantage.

But so long as his mind is in a state of disorganization, one faculty pulling this way, and another that way, and so on, he cannot hope to concentrate upon others the force that is being waster in keeping order at home. When the mind is mastered by the Will, then may new territory be conquered.”

This comes along the lines of what I wrote earlier this week.

Get your foundations in order!

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