How habits influence your magnetism

Your everyday habits and behaviors are creating your future magnetism.One small quirk of personality, habit or behavior that you repeat over and over again on the course of several months and years, has a dramatic impact in your own personal energy and magnetism on the long term.

It may be something like checking facebook for 3 hours spread during the course of a day. If you only do it once, I’m sure we all agree that it’s no big deal. Now, what if it’s a daily behavior? What impact can it have in your own life?

3 hours a day is 90 hours a month or 1080 hours a year. Do it for a few years and it quickly rises to the five digits.
What benefits did you get from this? What could you have done instead with this huge amount of time?

Or, imagine if you smoke a cigarette. If you only smoke it once, I’m sure no harm will come to you. Now repeat this behavior several times per day, for years.

I’m sure I don’t need to tell you the consequences.

Other considerable “minor” behaviors can have dramatic impacts over the course of many years. The worst are those behaviors that you are not even aware of.

Such as constantly having negative thoughts. How would your life be on the long term if your mind is constantly generating negative thoughts.

How about when you never face your fears? When you just give in to them? Or if you constantly live filled with anxiety and stress?

How would that be like over several years?

How would that influence your magnetism?

When you think about the consequences of your “small” habits and behaviors repeated over several years, it really puts them into a different perspective. When you multiply them by a few thousand days, their impact is HUGE.

Your habits, behaviors, thought patterns, energy movements are creating your magnetism. That’s why all the actions, thoughts, behaviors, habits you have TODAY matter more than you think.

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