Handling a Hypersexualized Society

In modern society, sexuality is everywhere. It’s like we live in a hypersexualized society.

You can’t walk a mile in any big city without passing through several sexual images. Whether on billboards, or in magazines covers or in stores around you where sexuality is used to sell more.

Even without leaving your house it shows up: in your smart phone as you are browsing through some websites, or in the TV movies and series.

This has the consequence of generating a big amount of sexual energy on any average individual.

Even if you try to ignore these type of images and ads, sexual energy will still be generated unconsciously.

It’s hard (dare I say impossible) to fully ignore them.

The problem with this big amount of sexual energy being generated is that most individuals don’t know how to deal with it.

This creates a whole range of issues on its own.

From anxiety to psychosomatic illnesses.

And that’s quite a normal situation, after all, we can’t expect people to know what to do with this influx of sexual energy if we don’t teach them how to handle it.

Most of us were not born naturally handling big amounts of sexual energy.

We developed systems to handle it, but those systems are not necessarily the better ones for our objectives.

The most common way of handling it is through repression. You repress sexual energy overall. Repress it inside and outside. Not allowing it to be felt or projected out of you.

The consequence?

Little to no sexual attraction from others.

If they can’t feel it FROM you, then they also won’t feel it FOR you.

That’s why it’s important to learn how to handle sexual energy other than the way you unconsciously learned during your life.

And there are much better alternatives to repression!

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