How Hard are Charisma School trainings?

I often receive questions of readers about the difficulty of Charisma School trainings.

My answer is always the same.

If you try to do it alone, it will be extremely hard and you will most likely fail.

You will experience difficulties that you won’t know how to overcome. Quitting the training is extremely likely at that point.

The difficulty is not in doing the exercises or understanding the concepts. It’s always in the implementation and integration of the concepts into your own life.

The exercises are always very clearly explained and the mechanics are usually easy to understand.

But the implementation of the results and overall principles that you learn in those exercises is a different aspect.

That’s where the difficulty arise.

So you do X, Y and Z exercise every morning. Then what?

Then something will happen in you. Something will start to change. Or not change (where we will have a different issue to solve).

The art is in knowing how to deal with this change (or lack of change) and how to balance it to make it a permanent part of you.

That’s where students need the most guidance.

After the initial impact of the exercises, and when the “fun stuff” is over, you may think the exercise is no longer useful. Far from it. This is where you need the most guidance. To apply it and make the concept (not the exercise) a permanent part of you.

This is not explained in the videos or the training in itself. How could it? There are literally thousands of different kinds of reactions and impact from the exercises. It’s impossible to explain all of them. It would take an encyclopedia – and it would be a very boring one!

That’s why all Charisma School trainings offer a lifetime of unlimited support. We work with you until these concepts are mastered and fully integrated into your own life.

Doing it without this support is a recipe for failure. And neither of us want it. So take advantage of it!

Know our full range of trainings in here.

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