Have lightning rays come out of your hands!

There’s an unspoken supposition of newer students to energy methods. They usually think that they will be firing rays out of their hands (or eyes) like in the movies.

Or having lightning strong energy moving inside of them.

Yet, energy work is a lot more subtle than that.

Although there can be strong manifestations, that’s not your everyday life norm.

The strong manifestations you feel inside of yourself – which happen when you unblock a certain area, or awaken a certain type of energy – are the exception and not the rule.

They happen at a certain time and only when they need to happen.

Not in your everyday life.

In your everyday life, energy will continued to be felt quite subtle.

Fortunately for you, as I’ve written before.

Energy work in general is not extra-ordinary. It’s quite ordinary once you are aware of it.

It can feel like an old friend on most occasions. You can feel feelings you already know but never paid much attention to.

On many situations, you simply learn to give a new meaning to what you already feel.

For example, for sure you already felt sexual energy even before you did any training since it’s always present in sexual arousal. But you never “stripped” the arousal feeling to get to that pure sexual energy feeling.

Once you do, you’ll see that there’s no magic involved.

It’s a normal feeling you’ve had thousands of times before but never paid much attention to. Or, the most common situation, is that you had a wrong reaction to this feeling.

To be clear, in energy work we overall do:

1) Develop your energy awareness so that you can actually be conscious of everything that you are feeling. If you aren’t aware of it, it’s impossible to work with it.

2) Unblock certain areas of your body where energy is not being allowed to circulate freely. The so called energy blocks.


3) Learn how to accept and work with different energies in your body. In other words, if before you were denying and avoiding sexual energy, now you want to accept it, fully embrace it and work with it for your advantage.

Unfortunately, you won’t have rays of lightning coming out of your hands or become Jedi. It’s much more normal than that.

Yet, it’s quite an interesting and powerful skill not many people know about.

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