having a compatible energy to someone

You can use energy in several ways to attract someone to you. I mostly speak about two different ways:

Increasing your sexual magnetism: this is a way to change (and increase) the sexual vibration of your energy. It’s like you are bathing yourself in a sexual fragrance that everyone can smell. You become more sexual overall.

Precise influencing: this is where you use energetic influencing techniques where you focus on just one person. While you already need a certain energy mastery to do it, you don’t need to change your whole energy.

But there’s another way to do it. I don’t like it or teach it, but it’s important for you to be aware about it.

It’s about changing your whole energy and magnetism to a compatible energy for another person.

Certain energies are more compatible than others.

When you charge yourself sexually and create your own sexual magnetism, you will be attracting more people than before… that’s a given. But it’s never 100% of the people you meet. There’s always going to be those that your energy will be off putting.

They won’t like it.

Just like there’s not one perfume that everyone in the world enjoys. There are best sellers that many people enjoy – and that’s what you’re aiming at when you’re developing sexual magnetism – but there will always be critics, people who don’t like it.

These people have a specific energy that is not compatible with yours. I’ve always accepted that as part of life.

Surely you can use other influencing techniques and so forth, but it’s usually more trouble than what is worth.

There’s also the other technique which is changing your whole magnetism to a compatible energy for another person. In this case, you generate a type of magnetism that’s perfectly suitable for another person.

That’s definitely NOT what I recommend.

For many different reasons but the most obvious one is about your own inner power. Doing it denotes a certain desperation and neediness toward another specific person. As if no one else exists in the world.

There’s no possible way that this can lead to a good outcome on the long run.

Someone may claim that this is the same as any energy work. But, if you understood energy you quickly see that it’s not. When you change your own energy to an energy of sexual magnetism, you are simply increasing the sexuality of your own personal energy. It’s true that you are changing it as well, but it continues to have a very personal touch.

Your sexual magnetism will be different than mine. Each student will have it’s own signature sexual magnetism and they will all be different.

It’s very hard to create clones with this type of energy work.

You aren’t doing it for one specific person, you are overall increasing your sexual vibration.

When you change your whole energy to be more compatible to someone else, you are losing your signature energy. You are in a neediness state. So, even if you succeed, the outcome won’t be good on the long run.

With this email I wanted to bring this to your attention since it’s important for you to know that it exists and it’s possible, but it has serious downsides.

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