When you hear these type of sentences referring to you, you know you are NOT projecting sexuality or any sexual energy:

“He is harmless”

“He is like my brother”

And so on…

It just means your female friends see you as an asexual man. Like a girlfriend.

If your goal is to be neutral, then you have succeeded.

Otherwise, something needs to change in you.

These type of sentences just means that you have a neutral projection. No sexuality or sexual energy.

Probably not personal magnetism or tension energy either.

If you were projecting strongly these types of energy, what others feel toward you is radically different.

You won’t be consider a predator, but you’ll also won’t be dismissed with “he is harmless”.

If this is happening to you constantly, you need to revisit how you are behaving, what you are projecting, and what kind of sexual blocks do you have.

Most likely, you are afraid or ashamed of expressing yourself sexually.

It doesn’t mean that you are afraid of talking about sex. That’s NOT sexual energy and NOT the mark of a sexually magnetic person.

You don’t need to talk about sex or use a lot of sexual innuendos to be a sexually magnetic.

You also don’t need to be on the prowl or constantly seeking a sexual partner. This gives you an energy of desperation.

There’s a middle ground you can get to.

Sexual energy.

Sexual energy projects sexuality in an effortless and relaxed way.

No desperation energy – in fact, sexual energy projects quite the opposite.

Others simply are drawn to you without knowing why. You can elicit sexuality anywhere you go.

There’s a certain aura of sex surrounding you even without ever touching the sex subject. When you talk about any random subject (like the weather), there’s a sexual energy behind your conversation – regardless of what you say. Women feel drawn to you without knowing why.

Which is quite different than neutrality, behaving like a girlfriend and being “nice”, which naturally won’t lead you anywhere.

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