Healing your body with your mind

I remember the first time I learned about the placebo effect in my teenage years. I was talking with a family member that was studying in the university and he casually mentioned in a derogatory manner something like:

“That’s nothing more than the placebo effect”

I don’t remember what this was all about. It was probably about some alternative medicine. But I didn’t knew what this effect was. I’ve never heard about it before.

So I asked him and he answered:

“It’s a bogus treatment. They can give you a sugar pill instead of actual medicine and some people get cured with it”

I was immediately fascinated.

“Wait… so you can take a sugar pill and still get cured of your sickness? Just like that?”

“Yes. Your mind thinks it’s real so your body reacts to it as if it was a real medicine”

This completely blew my mind! I said:

“So this healing is actually done only by the mind?”

“Sure, you can say that”

“And why is this bad?”

“Because you can’t really know if the medicine you are taking actually cures you or not”

“Sure, I can understand that.”

But on my mind a whole world opened up!

So my mind can actually heal my body with no outside intervention? Just by belief alone? Why isn’t this potentiated and used more often? Even if it’s not a replacement for “real” medicine, I’m sure we can use this effect to achieve a faster and completely natural healing.

Of course I started to research much more about the power of the mind, and here we are today!

Little did I know at the time about the true power of the mind and the wonders you can accomplish with it.

It still fascinates me to this day what we can do.

The way we can create our own reality, influence our body and influence others just with the mind – and by extension, your own energy – it’s a fascinating phenomenon, that could certainly warrant a much larger research than it currently has.

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