health and magnetism

Here’s an interesting question from a student:

“Can you treat health conditions with magnetism?”

Magnetism was originally a way to heal ailments of people. Not just magnetism, but energy overall, is used in traditional chinese medicine, in ayurvedic medicine and many other traditional medicines to heal.

So the answer is obviously yes.

But, we don’t focus on healing here in Charisma School.

It’s a complex – and fascinating – topic, but it’s not our focus.

We focus on magnetism for real world issues of influence, charisma, attraction, behavior and so forth.

And everything is focused on those goals. Not in treating health conditions.

Of course nothing stops you from using the energy knowledge and experience you gain to do other things with it, just remember that when we get into health issues, there’s much more to it than it meets the eye.

You’ll need a deeper study into your own energetic – as well as physical – anatomy, and overall workings of the body.

You may take the knowledge and awareness of energy that you learn here to then continue your studies in a proper “health school” if that’s your interest.

I’ve had students who came from this traditional energetic medicine background but didn’t develop their energy awareness with enough depth in there. So particularly our energy trainings ended up complementing it quite nicely.

With that said, knowing the basics of energy methods, like we teach in Vitality and Energy Training and others, can give you a good overall check-up on yourself and enough awareness to understand when something is wrong. It’s by no means a foolproof comprehensive method for this goal, but it’s a great start.

As you increase the energy awareness you are able to understand a whole lot more of what happens inside of you.

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