Herbs to increase sexual energy?

I’ve often receive requests for recommendations of supplements that increase sexual energy.

Aphrodisiac herbs, foods or other type of supplements that are designed for this.

But there’s an important detail.

Your sexual desire may increase, but if you can’t handle it or don’t know what to do with it, then it won’t do you any good.

Most people already have enough trouble to handle the sexual desire they normally have, not to mention if they exponentially increase it.

Increasing the desire will only increase pressure – if inside of you the energy is not flowing as it should.

For example, if you already have blocks that don’t allow the sexual energy to circulate inside (and outside), then more desire, will reinforce those blocks. It will put pressure on them.

Just like a highway with a high traffic flow that gets interrupted by an accident. During a slow part of the day, maybe you’ll manage it by passing through a few cars on the side. But imagine this is rush hour where traffic gets exponentially increased, what will happen then? Endless chaos!

Same here.

You need to make sure your sexual energy is flowing as it should – inside and out -, as well as knowing how handle your sexual desire, before increasing it this large way.

So, I wouldn’t recommend any type of supplements, herbs or something similar, for the purpose of sexual energy or sexual magnetism, until you understand what you are doing and the effects they have on your energy body.

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