The Hidden World of Energy

When you start to become aware of the world of energy – through courses like Vitality and Energy Training – you start to understand there’s a hidden layer, which before was completely below the surface for most people.

In the beginning it seems like it’s insignificant (just a few minor feelings here and there), but, as the training evolves, you start to recognize energy manifestations in different aspects of yourself and others.

Until one day, you understand the tremendous implications of this energy.

It’s not just a few minor feelings here and there.

It underlies everything!

And human interactions are no exception.

This type of energy awareness and its manipulation, allows you to be very precise in what you want to project to the world and what you want your outcomes to be.

Just like animals can sense our energy and feelings, humans can do it too although it’s on a fully unconscious level.

It’s a common experience to like or not like someone based on a very brief interaction.

Consciously, we may have no reason to like or dislike that person. After all, it was just a brief exchange of words (and sometimes no words are even exchanged).

But the interaction with his or her energy gives us this good or bad feeling.

As you start to bring energy into your awareness, these types of realizations will become fully conscious.

It’s no longer just something unconscious that pops in without control on your part.

It becomes under your conscious control.

And, not only you become aware of the energy in others, but you also become aware of the energy in yourself. Especially the one that you are transmitting.

This is where true change can take place.

As you start to change your own energy and link to the energy you want to transmit, others start seeing you differently and talking with you differently.

All because of the change of energy they unconsciously feel from you.

This is the most radical change you can have in your life.

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