High Output Life

There’s a situation that seems to be mind-boggling for all those who haven’t experienced it.

When you look at someone who seems to have a lot of different activities or to a person that seem to have an unlimited supply of energy.

They wake up, they go for a run, do yoga, then go to work where they are very active, then maybe go to the gym at the end of the day and still meet some friends at a bar later that day.

Or, someone who works all day, yet at the end end of the day still has dance classes, learns the piano and maintains a side-business.

When you are struggling with having more energy, your head hurts just by looking at these people.

How do they manage to have such a “high output” life? How do they manage to have that much energy?

There are a few important points but the most important key is:

Energy generates energy

The more you have, the easier it is to generate more.

The opposite is also true.

Ever had a lazy Sunday in the couch watching TV or binge watching a show? How hard it was to get out of that couch and do some productive work after it?

It’s like the couch sucked up your whole energy and you couldn’t do anything after it.

But, if instead, you started your Sunday going for a morning jog, then a walk down the beach, and continued with this sort of activity, your energy levels will be a lot higher.

It’s a lot easier to do some productive work if you start your day with a morning jog rather than if you start your day on the bed watching a movie.

Granted that if you are normally not that active, transforming yourself into an active person won’t be from one day to the next.

The hard part is generating the initial motivation for change.

If you are used to being lazy or procrastinate, then breaking the initial resistance this will be your biggest challenge.

Nothing that inner power won’t cure.

And once you get into this high energy mode of living, the hard part is to stop.

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