Here’s an interesting question from a reader:

“How can I stop having certain negative thoughts?”

There’s something tricky in this question. You want to stop having certain negative thoughts, yet they keep popping up.

The more you push them down, the more they keep popping up.

This happens because repression is not the way to go. You don’t want to say to yourself: “I shouldn’t think about X”.

What happens when you avoid thinking about a pink elephant? The pink elephant keeps being there smiling at you.

That’s repression. It’s pushing the energy down, which, of course, will climb back up.

What you need to understand is that there’s a distinction between repressing and extinguishing.

In repressing i’s like you are pushing a ball down in a bucket filled with water. As soon as you take out your hand, the ball will immediately jump back out.

You are giving the thoughts more energy. The more you think about them – or how you want to avoid them – the more they will keep popping up.

Wanting or not wanting. Love or hate. They are all ways to feed thoughts.

To extinguish the negative thoughts you need to top feeding them. You need to stop giving them energy.

You are depriving thoughts from their own sustenance.

A certain category of thoughts will only live if you keep feeding them. When you stop giving them energy, they will vanish.

Just think about what happened to the second or third language you learned in school? As soon as you left school, you barely used it again, hence, now you can barely say two words on that language. (or any other topic that you learned and never used it again)

You didn’t repress it. You extinguish it. You stopped feeding it, so it dissipated from your mind.

It’s not about saying “I don’t want X”, it’s about not giving it energy. It’s about channeling your energy to what really matters to you and what you want to become.

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