How can you evaluate your own magnetism

Here’s an interesting question from a student:

“how do I know how is my magnetism? I don’t feel everyday the same. Some days I feel good while others I feel bad.”

We’re all like this.

You, me, everyone… we don’t feel everyday the same. Indeed some days will be better than others.

This is related to life events or our own mental/emotional variability.

Sometimes an heated argument with your boss or even with some random person on the street, can make you feel bad your whole day.

Or some days you have slept badly and spend your day with little patience for the same things that yesterday were only minor annoyances.

That’s part of life.

Your magnetism is not exactly related to your daily fluctuation of emotions. Just because you slept bad one day or got into an argument, it doesn’t mean that your magnetism suddenly drops.

It takes a lot more than that.

If you spend a day self-pitying yourself due to some negative event that happened, it won’t affect your magnetism.

But if you spend months (and sometimes years) with a constant self-pitying and constant negativity inside of you, then the results are quite different.

Your magnetism will be affected by this.

Yet, if you want to evaluate your own magnetism, then there’s a secret foolproof way!

The best way to evaluate your magnetism is in your interactions with others. That’s the most genuine and never failing way.

If you have many people around you trying to be your friend and wanting to hang out with you, then you know your personal magnetism is probably high (or you are famous!).

If when you are in a group no one listens to your or your opinions, then you know your personal magnetism is low.

If you get a lot of sexual attraction from others, even when you’re not trying, then you know your sexual magnetism is high.

An honest evaluation of an AVERAGE of your interactions with others will give you how good your magnetism is.

More than what you feel inside, the reactions from others are a much better way to break it down and get a true measure.

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