How do you feel your anxiety?

We all feel anxiety and nervousness.

There’s not a single person that never feels anxiety in some shape or form.

All those who are magnetic also feel it.

Anxiety is not a problem of un-magnetic people. If you ask whatever person you encounter about anxiety they will tell you about their own specific situations which causes them a certain measure of anxiety.

So… why is anxiety, fear and overall negative feelings, a large problem on un-magnetic individuals and not on magnetic individuals?

Although we all feel it, not everyone feels it the same.

You may experience it on a deeper and more serious levels than others.

It’s like saying: “I like spicy food”. But how spicy? Just a bit of chilly powder or Carolina Reaper spicy?

There are different degrees of nervousness and fear. You feel it completely different than me or your next door neighbour.

Maybe you feel it on the pit of your stomach. Or maybe you feel it as a heart burn. Or maybe you feel as an urge to simply run away.

However you feel, it’s very real. And depending on the intensity of these feelings, they will limit your life and the projection of your magnetism to a bigger or a lesser degree.

These nervous feelings contract your energy – in general, they can make you retreat onto yourself (although the opposite also happens – as in an explosion of negative energy). Hence, the projection of a great positive magnetic energy can be completely obfuscated by this internal negativity.

While a magnetic individual even by feeling anxiety in the same situation, can manage it a lot better, or at the very least, not letting it affect his energy and energy projection so deeply.

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