How does charisma affect manifestation?

Here’s an interesting question from a student:

“How does charisma affect manifestation?”

It’s not by accident that we offer a training in manifestation as well.

There’s a deep connection between charisma and manifestation. Just notice what you are training in personal magnetism:

– Inner Power, which includes the ability to establish an iron-clad intention, change your mental software, become internally congruent.

– Will, the connection to that profound sense of self, the ability to take authentic action from your own self.

– Energy, which includes changing your own internal energy to the quality of the energy that you want to attract into your life.

All these are the foundational skills to manifest what you want. Then it’s simply a matter of putting them into use and learn how to join them together to manifest.

But the hard work is done during the magnetism training.

Remember that the basic premise of manifestation is: what you have inside is what you’ll have on the outside.

You attract to your life what you are inside.

And in personal magnetism you are changing precisely these internal aspects of yourself. You are changing your mind and your energy. You are learning how to work with different tools and techniques. Then you only need to apply it.

It’s a minor leap.

Develop your manifestation ability with the course:
>>> Magnetic Manifestation

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