How is the Magnetic Gaze related to sexual energy?

Here’s an interesting question from a student:

“How does the Magnetic Gaze compares to Sexual Energy courses that you offer?”

It’s completely different. Both in terms of goals and the energy in itself.

The Magnetic Gaze is an energetic system for non-verbal communication, influence and charisma. It works mostly with tension energy, Will and the gaze.

You train your gaze to project a certain type of energy with the goal of influencing and improve your own personal magnetism.

While the sexual energy trainings (like the Sexual Energy Mastery) are an energetic system for improving your natural sexual attraction.

The goal is not personal magnetism and influence, although it can also work like that – there’s plenty of people who use their sexual magnetism in order to get ahead in life.

Tension energy is the energy of personal magnetism. Although it also influences sexually, that’s not the main goal.

It’s the difference for example from Oprah to Marilyn Monroe. Oprah has a strong personal magnetism and Marilyn Monroe had a very strong sexual magnetism.

Of course, there will always be gray areas where both overlap. It’s impossible to completely isolate one from another.

The same way, sexual energy and tension energy also overlap and sexual energy is strengthened by tension energy (and the opposite is also true).

I ended up wanting to learn and develop both. Not because I needed both, but because energy systems are inherently fascinating to me.

I love learning, exploring and using different energies of my body. It’s amazing the kind of discoveries you make of your own body and mind as well as in the interactions with others.

But that’s just me who is genuinely fascinated by all these phenomena.

You don’t need to be like me and learn everything about energy you can get your hands on.

It basically boils down to what you want and your personal goals.

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