how to be more articulate

I’ve often receive questions about how to be more articulate and express yourself better.
This question is not about magnetism per se. Although how articulate you are is something that increases the perception of magnetism other people have of you.
Even if your energy and magnetism are low, being articulate increases the perception of magnetism.
It’s also not about having a magnetic voice. Although that will obviously influence and improve your magnetism and hence, how strongly people feel you.
The main aspect of being articulate is being a good thinker.
Thinking well is a big part of speaking well. It’s not the only aspect, but certainly a major one.
You can’t be articulate if you have no idea what you’re talking about. I won’t be articulate if you ask me to talk impromptu about the agriculture of the XVII century. Maybe with some study and some preparation I could develop a good talk, but impromptu? No way.
This is an extreme example. But it’s just for you to know that you need to understand what you are talking about.
The more connections and synapses you have about any given subject, the easier it is for you to speak about it. But these are not created by merely reading about a subject. In other words, recognition of concepts and theories are different from actual understanding.
You need more than this.
Also, you can’t be articulate if your anxiety is through the roof. The anxiety will prevent your brain from working correctly. I’m sure you had the feeling of “feeling blank”, or not knowing what to say and so forth when you are anxious.
It’s very hard to attempt to talk eloquently when your brain is focused on survival or on an impending threat – whether that threat is real or imaginary.
But of course, there’s much to it. I could write a whole training about this alone. But the most important aspect is the thinking well, achieving a good encoding of the information of any given subject. Creating as many synapses and connections as possible to several topics. Playing around with the information in your mind.

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