How to be possessed by the gods!

Here’s an interesting quote from William Walker Atkinson

“You often have heard the word “Enthusiasm” used and have used it often yourself. But have you ever thought of what the word really means – from what source it originated – what is its essential spirit? Few have.

The word “Enthusiasm” is derived from the Greek term meaning “to be inspired; to be possessed by the gods, etc.”, the term having been originally used to designate the mental state of an inspired person who seems to be under the influence of a higher power.

Real enthusiasm means a powerful mental state exerted in favor of, or against, some idea.

A person filled with Enthusiasm seems indeed to be inspires by some power or being higher than himself – he taps on to a source of power of which he is not ordinarily conscious. And the result is that he becomes as a great magnet radiating attractive force in all directions and influencing those within his field of influence.

For Enthusiasm is contagious and when really experienced by the individual render him a source of inductive power, and a center of mental influence. But the power with which he is filled does not come from an outside source – it comes from certain inner regions of his mind or soul – from his Inner Consciousness.

The man who lacks Enthusiasm is robbed of more than half his force of Personal Influence. No matter how good his arguments may be – no matter how meritorious his proposition may be – unless he possess the warm vital quality of Enthusiasm, his efforts are largely wasted, and his result impaired.”

This is something all students of the Personal Magnetism training already know:

Monotony kills magnetism, enthusiasm inflames it.

I bring your attention to the sentence is bold which I repeat below:

“Real enthusiasm means a powerful mental state exerted in favor of, or against, some idea.”

Enthusiasm is nothing more than a mental state behind a certain idea. It has a powerful energy fueling it.

Once you know how to control energy, you open a whole new world and a whole new life for yourself!

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