How to become smarter

Without a doubt, during my magnetic training, I became smarter.

Not “genius like” or doubling my IQ points since until now, we don’t have any reliable way to do it.

But fortunately we have many ways of becoming more intelligent and to increase your cognitive ability.

And the training you’re doing in magnetism can give you this boost, directly and indirectly.

I know it’s a lot more sexy to say that you can boost your intelligence by taking a pill. Unfortunately, that’s not the approach I use or recommend.

I prefer all natural ways that are completely reliable upon me and don’t have any side effects.

By training your magnetism you become increasingly sensible to small changes on your energy, mind and body.

Particularly the ones from your mind can have a lot of impact in your cognitive ability.

The most foundational work is certainly concentration training.

This can boost your cognition in a large scale, particularly when you start the Tratak training – which is the single best training for cognition and concentration.

Yet, it’s not the only one.

As you develop the control over your mental state and the awareness over what goes on in your mind, you uncover what’s holding you back from lightning fast understanding or learning.

You get to know your bottlenecks. Which can be in having too little energy flow (laziness, sloth) as well as too much energy flowing (anxiety).

It can also be in having too little concentration (lack of attention) as well as too much effort (muscular tension, headaches).

It can be in your ability to visualize or to connect it to language. There are many possibilities.

And because you are aware and you have your training in mind, body and energy, you can now make the necessary changes in order to become smarter and develop your own cognitive ability.

The hard part is having sufficient awareness to identify your problems. But once you have the awareness, changing is not that hard.

Increasing your cognitive ability is certainly within the reach of everyone who follows the magnetic path.

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