How to Challenge Yourself

One of the biggest concepts we defend at Charisma School is the importance of challenging yourself.

What does this mean?

In order to grow, we can’t constantly be in our comfort zone. Otherwise our brain never expands. We need to get out of it as often as possible, and increase our range of comfort.

And there’s only way to achieve that, which is through doing things that go just a little bit out of our comfort zone, a challenge.

A challenge is when you do something that is hard for you in some area of your life.

Nothing new there. This is only common sense.

But, we should go a bit further than that.

Depending on your objectives, you might want to have different kind of challenges. As you can imagine, in Charisma School I train with many different kinds of people who want to improve their personal magnetism.

One of the most interesting thing that happens is with more introverted people… they all want more challenges, yet they tend to focus on “individual challenges” and avoid “social challenges” like the plague.

Individual challenges are those which only you are involved (like taking cold shower, waking up early, improving your diet, controlling a bad habit and so on)

Social challenges are those which you need to do with other people (like those on the 10 Steps, Magnetic Gaze, approaching women, using your will on others, etc)

And for those introverted people, the most beneficial challenges are obviously the social challenges. Yet, what they always focus on is on the individual ones.

Even fooling themselves in the process: “I need to practice this before doing that exercise with people”.

Now… you don’t need a big leap of logic here to understand that you need both of these challenges (individual and social) in the respective proportion of what is actually hard for you.

Meaning, if you have more issues with the social part, you’ll need MORE challenges in the social part than the individual one.

If you have more issues with the individual part, as in disciplining yourself, then you need MORE individual

(although you shouldn’t neglect either)

So don’t fool yourself and avoid what is uncomfortable. Do what you need and not what you prefer. Keep a full awareness of your attention and behaviors to understand what you are actually doing.

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