How to change your identity

Here’s a good question from a student, based on last week’s post:

“Maybe this is a bad question with no concise answer possible, but how do I actually transform my identity?”

It’s definitely not a bad question, but there’s not really a “step by step” process for it.

I wish you could follow something like:

Step 1: Do exercise X
Step 2: Do exercise Y

Step 3: Profit!

But unfortunately it’s not so easy. Those who claim to be are certainly simplifying the topic greatly.

Your identity is shaped by your thoughts/mind, your emotions, your energy and your body. Everything contributes to the total in some unknowable percentage.

When you change one/some/all/most of them in a certain degree, you change your identity.

It’s a process, just not a “step by step” one as it’s not a straight line. More like a wiggly line filled with curves and knots.

Particularly when it’s a deep identity change.

You actually change your thoughts, your energy, your emotions and your body in some way. They are all part of you in one way or another.

Sometimes, indeed doing one exercise or having one realization can change your identity deeply.

But it’s usually a part of a longer process.

You’ve done a lot more than just that one exercise, and all of a sudden as you are doing that ONE exercise, you hit a realization that changes everything.

Only that… it wasn’t all of a sudden.

It was a part of something bigger and larger. Just like a Zen monk achieving enlightenment with one koan (those paradoxical riddles without a solution). It wasn’t just that koan, it was all the work that led to it. All the long hours of meditation, hours of reflection, talks with his master and so forth.

That’s the process we encourage in Charisma School, starting with the 10 Steps to Inner Power and going from there.

The identity change will happen naturally as you go through this work, you just need to allow it and to reflect on it, and not take the work lightly – as in, just doing a few exercises.

The more you get involved the more you increase the potential for your own change.

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