how to deal with bad events

Just because you have mastery over your own energy and magnetism, it doesn’t mean bad events won’t happen to you.

I know no one likes to read this – and I don’t want to write it – but that’s the truth.

Many teachers try to hide this fact, but bad events in life are inevitable and a part of living.

It doesn’t really matter how “evolved” or “advanced” you are in whatever discipline, tradition or religion you may choose to practice; bad events will still happen.

It’s not a matter of IF. It’s a matter of WHEN.

One thing that you can definitely do is change the way you deal with them.

You can give in to depression and anxiety over whatever negative event comes your way (effectively increasing your chances of attracting more negative events), or you can face them with inner power.

It won’t make the problem suddenly vanish – at least most of them – but it will help you deal with its consequences.

You can also achieve a certain amount of control over your daily life. Maybe even reduce the negative events that can happen to you by changing your energy and mind.

Even though you’ll never completely eliminate them, you can reduce those caused simply by your energy and mental state.

I’m sure you’re aware that certain types of negative events can be caused by you. For example, negativity is also attracted to you when you have negative magnetism, which includes negative events.

You can’t be so self-centred and think that whatever happens in your life is caused by you. No, but of course, you significantly influence many of those events.

That’s why the more you can control and master your internal energy and mind, the more you can either reduce negative events or handle the ones you can’t eliminate.

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