How to deal with obstacles and adversity

Here’s an interesting question from a Charisma School student:

“When you have obstacles in your life as we all do that may interfere with your training how do you deal with them?”

Indeed obstacles and adversity are part of life. As much as you we would want to get rid of them, they are bound to happen regardless of your current magnetic state.

Hopefully, your magnetic state is good enough that you can at least push away all those obstacles that are caused by you and your own actions.

Even so, you’re bound to have obstacles in your life at one time or another.

One of the most important recommendation you can have is to keep your guard up, particularly related to inner power and your own internal life.

It’s very easy to get sidetracked and go down a downward spiral of negative energy.

You can blame yourself or start to curse your bad luck. Either way, your magnetism will surely change for the worst, making it even harder to get out of the slump.

The more negative energy you have inside of yourself, the more obstacles you can attract for your life.

Just like that bad day that keeps getting worse.

We create our own worst enemy inside of ourselves and further generate more negative energy.

So, in a situation of a setback, you should be particularly attentive of your inner power, inner voice and inner state.

Don’t let them become as negative as the situation. Keep your inner power as positive and powerful as possible.

The situation is probably already bad enough, it doesn’t need for you to bring it down further.

Face your reality and your circumstances with power and energy.

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