How to develop persistence in anything

A common problem among people in general is persistence in an endeavor, goal or hobby.

It’s like the motivation is there in the first couple of weeks, then it suddenly vanishes, and what you intended to do ends up sitting on the sidelines.

This happens very frequently with new year resolutions or when establishing physical exercise routines or writing a book.

The problem is precisely waiting for some divine inspiration, or for the muse to strike.

If you are waiting for constant inspiration and motivation, you will never be consistent in anything.

Motivation and inspiration come and go. Some day you will be highly motivated to do something, the next day you prefer to do something else.

Some days you will write a masterpiece of a chapter, other days, you will throw out everything you wrote.

That’s just the way it is.

You don’t need to apply your Will and concentration on the days that you are motivated and everything flows smoothly.

Everything is effortless those days.

No Will required!

There’s nothing for you to push through since you actually feel like doing whatever you decided to do.

The problem is that after the first couple of weeks, this overall motivation will not be consistent. You won’t feel like that everyday.

Some days will be hard because it’s cold or raining, others because you will feel like doing something else.

The real secret is deciding to do it no matter what.

Regardless if you feel like it or not, you will do it.

I’ve met known writers who, regardless if they feel like it or not, by 9am they are at their computers writing.

I’ve met salesmen who regardless of how they feel any random day, they are on the phone at 9am calling prospects.

The problem is when you allow yourself not do it. If you allow yourself the slack, then your mind will quickly give it up.

Yet, when you decide to do – regardless if you feel like it or not – it will be A LOT easier because even if you don’t feel like it, there will no suffering and pain. You just get up and go. And because it’s already decided you will do it, your mind will not bitch and moan. It knows it’s futile.

That’s the inner power we train in the 10 Steps to Inner Power.

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