To truly be a magnetic man – in all its might and power – you need to act in accordance to your Will.

You can also say in different words: to act in accordance to your purpose or destiny.

I’m sure you’re thinking that this is easier said than done.

But the work we do with Inner Power and the discovery of your Will is deeper than what it seems at first glance.

It’s not just to be more assertive or confident in life. That’s a superficial benefit. It’s sure an important one, but it won’t be the main benefit you will get.

This type of Inner Power work allows you to discover your true purpose, your true Will.

By constantly taking actions according to your Will and being in constant contact with it, you move further and further into your own purpose in life. Into what you are here to do.

By not allowing fear, inhibition and anxiety to stop you from doing what you want to do, you are able to move through the world from a place of power.

By choosing to take an action rather than pursuing illusionary and automatic sources of pleasure, you are able to connect with your Will.

In other words, browsing facebook might be fun and pleasant, yet, it’s unlikely it will bring you any closer to your purpose. Especially if you are addicted to it, so it’s an automatic behavior not connected to your Will.

Once you stop (or control) this action, and choose a different action in resonance with what you truly want, you will be closer to your purpose and in connection with your Will.

The same can be said about dropping a job you hate or a relationship that constantly brings you down. They don’t contribute – at all – to a deeper connection with your Will.

And when you do an action that is accordance and in resonance with your Will and purpose, then you shouldn’t hesitate to accept its consequences.

On the short term, they might not be the best ones, but, on the long term, it will bring your closer to fulfill your purpose and your Inner Power will grow.

Leaving a job you hate might leave you in a worse financial situation on the short term. Yet, it will open doors to a better situation in the future.

But remember that following your Will is not about being impulsive and acting without thinking.

It’s not also not just about these grand actions or life changes. Although they might be necessary on some cases, they aren’t necessary on all cases.