How to Feel the Will

One Charisma School student while writing about his experiences in influence, wrote this sentence:“I learned not to say or think about the Will, but to feel it”

This is the most crucial aspect of using the Will.

There’s often the erroneous belief that it’s a matter of repeating with what you want to do and it’s enough.

No, far from it.

Although it can be helpful to know what you want and it should be used, this only goes thus far.

What we really want is this inner feeling of Will where everything inside of us is aligned toward one

We teach exactly how to do this on the Act of Will course (it’s a bonus course available for the buyers of any full length Charisma School training courses).

It’s like your mind, body and Will all joined together as one and start to work in unison. All with the same vibration and the same energy.

You see this in Samurais when performing the ritual of Seppuku (the ritual of suicide), where they disembowel themselves with a knife and all without breaking a sweat or displaying anxiety.

It’s a fully focused state of mind on what you want to achieve.

And this is something we’re all lacking in our modern society. This alignment is very rare as we spread our thin focus across so many activities and thoughts during the day.

This makes it very hard to develop the powerful state of Will. That’s why we need to counterbalance
these tendencies of our society with these types of magnetic practices.

You can see your focus and influence increasing tenfold with them!

We recommend to start with the 10 Steps to Inner Power training:

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