How to Get Casanova Eyes

Here’s a question from a Charisma School student:

“On the sexual energy mastery page I saw something about having Casanovas eyes. How is this obtained and does it have to do with the magnetic gaze?”

The “Casanova eyes” is just a term that means that your eyes are able to transmit sexual energy and sexually influence others.

So, no, you won’t need to have an eye transplant!

This is actually the mix of two different skills.

The Magnetic Gaze and Sexual Energy.

Magnetic Gaze Level 2 graduates who also took the Sexual Energy Mastery can do it easily.

Those who only take the Sexual Energy Mastery also get there, although with less eye power.

(Which is only natural since the eye training is substantially bigger in the Magnetic Gaze)

This is a great skill to have. The eyes are wonderful to transmit influence, especially of a sexual nature.

With the Sexual Energy Mastery you get an overall sexual energy in your field, which is a tremendous advantage!

But if you use this sexual energy with the skills you gain in the Magnetic Gaze training, it gives an amazing way to sexually attract someone.

This is nothing more than the “law of sexuality” in action that I repeat very often:

If you want to have sex, you need to be sexual.

The more you transmit sexuality, the easier, faster and effortlessly you can attract sexual partners to you.

So take all the tools you can get!

Especially those who are particularly powerful like your eyes!

Learn how to unleash sexual energy with the training course Sexual Energy Mastery:

And join it with the Magnetic Gaze Foundations training for a powerful combination of techniques:

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