How to handle bad events

Here’s an interesting question from a student:

“Sometimes a blow comes in your life and all your training goes to shit. This happened to me and I found that my initial thought control training was not as good as I thought. How can you deal with it?”

Bad events happens to everyone. Me, you, and everyone on the training or outside of it.

We all have bad events that pop up into our life unannounced. Some of them were caused by you, while others are completely random.

It’s true that completely random negative events are rarer than those ultimately caused by you, but they also happen.

One way or another, you have to deal with them.

And how you deal with them, determines a lot about your own mental control and inner power.

When things are going well, you can’t quite know if your inner power is that good. There are few challenges and the ones you encounter are mostly controlled.

Only when some unpredictable negative event happens in your life will you know the true state of your inner power.

This is when the motivation dies down, all the feel good chemicals are reduced and you actually need to infuse yourself with power and energy in order to overcome it.

When we are pumped with motivation, everything is easier.

When we are down on our luck, everything is much more complicated.

Some people only truly learn what is true inner power when negative events happen in their life. This is where they actually need to place a genuine effort into it.

While never pleasant, these type of bad events are a good evaluation of your own inner power since you’ll be able to observe how you react to it and use all your power to overcome it.

In these events you actually need to pull yourself up and use these tools to handle them as best as possible, with the understanding that you won’t feel “great” about it. A negative event is always a negative event, and you’re not supposed to feel all mighty and powerful. You want to handle it as best as possible and flow through it as quickly as you can, taking this opportunity to further improve your inner power.

To increase your own power, always start with the 10 Steps to Inner Power course, which is where you learn the foundational tools to control your own mind so that you are ready to handle everything that life throws at you.

One important note: if negative events keep happening in your life you need to consider your own energy and why are you attracting so much negativity to you. You can learn the tools for that in the Magnetic Manifestation training.

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