How to handle your faults

I’m sure you have certain characteristics or behaviors you would prefer not to have.

Maybe you would prefer to be perfectly poised and confident in a certain situation while now your behavior is one of anxiety.

Maybe you would like to be less explosive or impulsive when handling people.

Or maybe you would prefer to be magnetic instead of shy and withdrawn.

One way or another, we all have these type of traits we would prefer not to. And they are often not so easy to change.

It’s certainly possible to change, especially considering we are talking about behavioral traits, but it’s probably not easy, otherwise you would have done so already.

On most situations, these type of unwanted behaviors can run your life. They can overpower you. They can make you feel you have no control. They can make you depressed.

That’s why your relationship with this type of behavior decides how much power it has over you.

When you resist it, when you deny it, when you avoid it, it only comes back stronger than before. If there’s something Freud has taught us is that the repressive tendencies of the mind rarely benefit us.

Instead of resisting, denying, avoiding, you need to accept it.

Which seems quite a paradox. Why would you accept something you don’t want? Why would you accept something you want to get rid of?

It’s not as much about acceptance as it is about not resisting it.

When you understand energy you are able to notice that these type of unwanted behaviors always have energy blocks associated with them.

There’s always something in your energy body that is blocking the correct flow of energy in these situations.

As you keep resisting it, the block only gets reinforced and stronger.

When you accept it, the block weakens. And, as the energy is allowed to flow better, your behavior can become more flexible as opposed to rigid.

That’s why it’s easier to accept the behavior in order to change it, than to keep resisting it and avoiding it.

You can only understand these type of paradoxes when you understand energy work. Particularly when you feel this at work inside yourself. That’s why we created the Vitality and Energy Training… to give you an awareness over your own energy and how it works!

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