How to handle your insecurities

I’ve often receive questions from students about certain insecurities they have.

It can be related about being short, or too tall, or bald, or fat or skinny or having a big nose. Among many others.

Do they really matter in terms of sexual attraction?

We have spoken before about looks in general, and the overall conclusion is that we can’t deny its influence but it’s only one small aspect of the equation.

Sure looking good will help you attracting others.

A “model” type of man or woman attracts more attention than an average one.

Yet, a “model” type of man or woman doesn’t necessarily elicit sexual attraction in others just because of his or her looks.

Sexual attraction is different than beauty.

It’s much more raw and animalistic.

So just because you don’t have “model” type of looks and you look like an average guy (or girl), it doesn’t mean that you are forever doomed to be alone.

An average look simply means that you have certain aspects of your body which don’t conform to the “ideal beauty”.

It can be your height, body weight, facial symmetry, among others.

We all have them in bigger or lesser degree.

But the problem you face is not related to any of these traits per se. It’s about your mindset about them.

When you don’t accept them, it generates a negative energy inside of you. An internal tension that never gets resolved and makes you feel inadequate and not good enough.

Yet, for each of these insecurities, there’s always some guy who is short, bald and/or fat and still kills it in terms of attraction.

He doesn’t concern himself with these so called “shortcomings” and just focus on his own strong identity.

And that is attractive.

The problem is not in these physical aspects, the problem is in yourself and your own thinking and energy. Particularly by not accepting yourself (or certain parts of yourself that you can’t change).

Once they get integrated and accepted into your own identity, your overall attraction has the potential to radically change.

This has an impact in your own sexual energy.

Without this acceptance of all parts of yourself, your sexual energy will constantly be blocked from projection, limiting your sexual magnetism and attraction.

And that’s not what you want.

That’s why we always recommend to start with the 10 Steps to Inner Power training before any other more advanced energy course. It deals specifically with these type of issues that limit your energetic and magnetic development.

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