How to Have More Energy, Vitality and Vigour

Today a new Charisma School training is released:

“Vitality and Energy Training”

This course has the clear and distinct goal of improving your vitality, your vigour, your spark!

For this, and following the Charisma School teachings, you’ll learn new energy methods and techniques.

With special emphasis on a new, and more powerful form, of tension energy called Subtle Tension Energy (STE).

If you took some Charisma School courses most likely you are already familiar with tension energy. That
amazing energy which is the source of magnetism and charisma.

Since those other trainings didn’t had enough time to develop a good energy sensitivity, the tension energy you learned was a more “gross” version. A type of tension energy that quickly helps you succeed in them.

But there is a much more subtle, yet powerful, type of tension energy that requires a more profound energy sensitivity to be able to use correctly.

This tension energy is increasingly more powerful and gives you a great amount of vitality before
anything else.

That’s why we named this course “Vitality and Energy Training”.

Not only do you develop an off the charts energy sensitivity, but you also develop vitality and spark
in your life!

This is our only course which focuses on increasing your sensitivity to energy overall as well as moving energy inside of you.

Subtle Tension Energy gives much more than this!

It quickens all faculties not only the conscious and ordinary faculties but the deeper powers of the brain!

It gives an intense brightness to the eyes. Helpful not only for the Magnetic Gaze practitioner, but useful for everyone.

The STE is also an attracting power. It sets up a link between you and the things you so desire.

This course will be a requirement for all Charisma School advanced levels. If you wish to develop advanced energy and magnetic skills, you’ll need this to advance further since it’s the only course which prepares you to deal with all kinds of energy.

But this is not for everyone. Only for those wishing to take the time to explore their own energies further! For others who may prefer a less energetic approach, it’s best to start with other trainings.

Best of all… to celebrate the launch, this training is on sale for 7 days, until January 27th. You’ll be able to get it for $147 (instead of his regular price of $177).

As you know, we don’t make many promotional discounts, so take advantage of it while it lasts.

All the information here:

(If you are already a CS student, remember to login before you buy so that you have all the courses in
your account)

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