How to Improve the Projection of Sexual Energy

Sexual energy is a truly powerful energy. Once you can unleash it, it can achieve amazing results in the real world.It’s amazing for others to just feel attracted to you, without you doing much else.

But, there’s a whole process to reach this phase. You already need to:

1) Awaken and discover the Sexual Energy inside of you.

2) Be able to manipulate the sexual energy

3) Release all the sexual blocks inside of you


4) be able to consciously project it.

The projection phase is where most people have difficulty with.

It actually has two distinct components.

Not only do you need to allow the sexual energy to flow inside of you to the outside (which we work on the Sexual Magnetism training), but you also need to already have a strong intention to begin with (which work on the Sexual Magnetism Module 1 but also mainly on the 10 Steps to Inner Power).

To develop the “aura of sexual energy”, you must first develop the “aura of intention”. In other words, you must be used to shaping reality as we discussed on yesterday’s email.

If you’re not used to influencing and controlling the reality around you using your Will, then
sexual energy won’t be projected.

Influencing and controlling reality means taking control of your world. Establishing intentions
and following them. Focusing your mind. Producing in the world instead of consuming or being consumed.

Once you start shaping the reality around you, sexual energy establishes itself in your energy
body and is able to act externally, even without your conscious intention.

But to reach this stage, you absolutely need the intention and Will to be solidly established
in your daily life.

To understand and train to project your sexual energy, get the Sexual Magnetism training course:

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