This is the fourth and final week of the how to improve will power course and I hope you’re enjoying it and taking benefit from it. Remember the WILL needs to be trained and used if you want to reap the benefits. I continued with two more life principles to used in relationship with others and a couple of more exercises that were still missing.

Considering this course is very heavy on the time it takes to do the exercises, I’ll only teach you two more exercises for this final week.

Exercise 9 “Nerves Training” – This will teach you how to have nerves of steel, while developing huge amounts of patience and attention. It will be particularly good for those of us who are really very impatient and want everything right now. Patience is a quality that must be developed if we really want to have a strong will.

Exercise 10 “Cold Water Showers” –  I’m pretty sure you won’t like this exercise. But I urge you to listen attentively what I have to say about it. Cold water showers have been used as cures and purification in several cultures around the world for centuries, so they are good for something! But to our purpose, they’re an excellent way to develop the IRON WILL you’re seeking.

So, here’s the last video of this course:

You can also watch this video on YouTube by following the link below:

How to Improve Will Power Week 4 


Recommended books:

“Act of Will” by Roberto Assagioli

“Power of Will” By Frank Haddock

“Emotional Vampires: Dealing with People Who Drain You Dry by Albert J. Bernstein

“Initiation Into Hermetics” by Franz Bardon