How to Improve Your Sensory Perception

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On this course you’ll be able to improve your Sensory Perception.

You are only able to perceive what your senses allow you to perceive. By expanding the range of your perception you’ll automatically become aware to much more signals from the outside world as well as from your inner world.

The threshold of perception is what you are able to perceive using your perception, your senses. The higher it is, the more things are running in the background that you aren’t consciously aware of, or aren’t able to perceive. The lower it is, the more information you are able to perceive and be conscious about.

Our goal with this course is to LOWER this threshold of perception so that you’ll be able to perceive more information from the same stimulus.

For example: a simple conversation with someone can be just that: a random and normal conversation with someone or it can be much more than that IF you are aware of the subtleties that are happening as you speak with this person. It can be how this person makes your stomach tense, or how he raises his finger to his nose every time he tells a lie, or how you feel less tense every time you are around this person, etc. All this (and much more) are just some of the things that you can perceive as you practice your attention and sensing ability. I’m sure you can already see the value in lowering your threshold of perception.

By practicing  these exercises you’ll begin to enlarge your ability to feel, to expand your sensory awareness and you may even start to get a glimpse of what it is to live with more awareness and on the present moment.

Each of the videos below describe one exercise (the first few the course workings). Go through them in the given order.


Introduction to Sensory Perception
Introduction to the Course

Exercise 1 – Develop Mindfulness
Exercise 2 – Very Simple and Easy Relaxation Exercise
Exercise 3 – How to Improve Your Sense of Touch
Exercise 4 – How to Improve Your Sense of Sight
Exercise 5 – How to Improve Your Sense of Smell
Exercise 6 – How to Improve Your Sense of Hearing
Exercise 7 – How to Improve Your Sense of Taste
Exercise 8 – Improving Your Perceptual Distinction
Exercise 9 – Using a Blindfold for Improving Your Sensory Perception
Exercise 10 – Cold Water Shower
Exercise 11 – Dance to a Wild Song
Exercise 12 – Get a Massage
Exercise 13 – Identify the Atmosphere of Your Environment
Exercise 14 – How to Identify the Energy of Others
Exercise 15 – The Walk
Exercise 16 – Expansion Contraction of Your Energetic Body
Exercise 17 – Increase Your Peripheral Vision
Exercise 18 – Develop Extra Sensorial Perception

Final Thoughts

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