how to increase your power in interactions

In all relationships, in all interactions, there’s an exchange of energy between people. You can gain energy with that interaction, or you can lose energy.

It’s not always necessarily a win-lose interaction.

No, actually you can have also have a win-win interaction or a lose-lose interaction. Energy can be generated both ways with an interaction, or we both lose energy with it.

We tend to have a default way of interacting with others in this energetic sense. Either we win energy or we lose energy.

It’s not like we have this mode activated 100% of the time, but it tends to be our default mode with most people.

It’s fairly straightforward to discover your default mode. Most likely you already know it. But just notice after most interactions what happens with your energy levels.

Have they increased or decreased?

Do you feel better with yourself or do you feel worse?

Keep in mind that I’m not asking about one specific interaction with one person. I’m asking about the overall feeling of your energetic sense with the bulk of the interactions you have.

If you feel your energy increasing and you have an overall sense of well being, great! You’re doing something right!

If, on the other hand, your energy levels and overall sense of being gets worsen, most likely, you’re doing something wrong in your interaction.

And often times, it’s not the other person that is stealing our energy, we are giving it away.

It also happens that we tend to lose energy in particular situations and interactions or specific people. Often times, depending on the people around you, you may be forced to either win or lose energy.

Which means, either you take the energy out of the other person, or he/she will take the energy from you.

These are particular vampiric people that we need to know how to deal with.

The problem is, we are barely aware of these energetic dynamics of the interaction, and especially how to consistently gain energy from the interactions instead of losing.

We created a course specifically designed to help you KEEP and INCREASE your own energy levels in interactions with others, not to mention to transform every interaction you have into a magnetic interaction

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Magnetic Interactions

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