How to intensify your gaze

Here’s an interesting question from a reader:

“I suck at eye contact. I can’t hold people in the eyes, it intimidates me. How can I fix this?”

Your eyes are one of the main tools of projection of your energy and personal magnetism. And it has been this way ever since the beginning of recorded history. Don’t just take my word for it, you can read what the famous occultist Papus has to say about it or even what Plutarch, the Greek historian has said.

If you can’t look people in the eyes, then you are wasting an immense opportunity of to shine forth your charisma. Most likely your overall influencing power is not good and your sexual energy is quite low as well. It’s highly probable that you have difficulty in obtaining sexual partners.

The good news is that it’s something you can train and improve with the right tools.

We created the Magnetic Gaze course both for those who have difficulty with normal everyday eye contact, as well as for those who want to increase the strength of their own gaze and energy.

The Magnetic Gaze system is far more than a “eye contact training course”. You’re not learning you should look people in the eye when you shake their hand. You’re also not learning that you should raise your eyebrows to signal you’re listening to the other person.

It’s not a communication training.

You learn not only to increase the influence of your gaze, and have a powerful eye contact, but also to enhance and intensify your overall energy.

More information here:
>>> Magnetic Gaze Foundations

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