How to know if you’re making progress

Here’s an interesting question from a student:

“How do we know if we are succeeding or failing in making progress? Are we suppose to feel a certain way? Maybe lighter? Is there something that represents when we’ve had a breakthrough in our training?”

As we’ve talked about before, magnetism is a marathon, not a sprint. It’s a combination of different developments and skills that you grow over time.

You need to change minor things in the way your mind, energy and body work.

It’s not just one big change. Instead there are many minor changes.

For example, learning how to be aware of your energy will not directly influence your magnetism. It’s a skill that you need to train your magnetism later on. If you can’t feel your energy, you won’t influence it either.

Or the same with your inner voice. It won’t immediately influence your magnetism. But if you don’t have a positive inner voice, then once you start energy training, the energy will constantly be leaking.

And so on.

Many minor changes like that, will create a huge change later on.

But magnetic training is not a training of radical shifts from one day to the next.

It’s not like one day you aren’t magnetic and the next day you are. You’ll evolve over time and training by focusing on many apparently “minor” skills.

And because this tends to be a slow progress over many minor skills, there’s rarely a huge landmark internal feeling that signals your evolution.

But there will be many minor successes, and eventually major successes as you keep training. You’ll tend to succeed much more on the outside world, while apparently in your inner world you won’t feel any huge breakthrough.

Because the changes are “minor”, internally it doesn’t feel like a bolt of energy suddenly striking you.

You can think about when you are training in fitness or strength. You won’t feel much of a difference internally whether you can deadlift 150kgs or 170kgs. You are still strong either way, but it’s obviously good that you can deadlift more.

So the best way to check for your progress in magnetism is first measuring those “minor” skills: can you feel energy better? Can you control your inner voice? And so on. And then closely monitor your external world results: how are people reacting to you? Is it easier for you to influence people? Are people being more drawn to you? Among others.

This way you’ll get an accurate assessment of what’s going on and the results of your training.

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