How to move energy

Working with energy is not about “visualizing” stuff in your body. As in visualizing a white light descending from the heavens and blue ray lights coming out of your hands.

Visualization has its uses and we in Charisma School work with it as well since it can be a powerful tool, but it’s not the main tool for working with energy. At least not in the early stages.

Energy work is done with your Will.

And it’s easy for you to understand that.

If you close down your hand on a fist very tightly, you don’t need to visualize anything in order to do it right?

You simply Will it.

There isn’t any visualization of a white light from the heavens to help you close down your hand. You Will it and it’s done in a few milliseconds.

Energy control follows the same principle.

When you want to move energy, you Will it and it’s done.

You just need to gain the necessary neural links inside your brain that allow you to do that.

Like a baby or a small child don’t really have full control of all their bodily movements, you are also not in full control of your energy movements.

And that’s perfectly ok and expected, since no one taught you to do that.

What you learn in the Vitality and Energy Training is designed precisely for that. To provide you with those intermediate steps between feeling energy and moving it.

You learn the missing link between the mind and the energy.

Visualization – for energy movements – is only useful for a later stage when you can already move energy with the Will.

Then the visualization can help you take it a step forward and adding some interesting spices. But if you use it in the beginning, you run the risk of having some curious daydreams without any practical results to show for it.

Energy control and movements are always done with the Will first. Just like the opening and closing of your fist.

Visualization is only to be used when the link between mind and energy is already well established.

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