How to move past your mind patterns

Here’s an interesting question from a student:

“On the newsletter you write about how awareness plays a big role on inner power. And how it can help a person to go past his mind patterns. I don’t clearly understand this.
Can you explain how to exactly bring awareness to a pattern which is not helping someone?
Let’s say the issue is ‘X’, how do we exactly know why this is happening and how to get rid of it?”

If the issue is X, and you don’t know what X is and how it manifests inside of you, then you can’t exactly get rid of it, right?

Let’s say you are constantly being anxious when you meet women on dates, so much that you can’t function normally.

If you’re not aware of how this anxiety manifests in the body and mind, then you can’t use any method to get rid of it.

You just feel bad, negative and anxious and there’s nothing you can do about it.

Let’s say you are driving your car on an isolated area and all of a sudden you start to see smoke under the hood. You stop the car and pop the hood. You look inside and see the smoke but you don’t know the first thing about engines, so there’s nothing you can do.

You try to see if your car has some obvious malfunction, but you can’t really identify anything.

Eventually, you need to call the mechanic. He then looks inside and notices exactly where the smoke was coming and replaces the necessary part in under 5 minutes.

Why? Because he was trained in car engines, so he was aware of the issue the minute he looked at the engine.

With the “anxiety in dates” problem is something similar. If you were never trained in becoming aware of the specifics of your mind, energy, body and emotions, when you have a problem it will be just like looking under that hood and not seeing anything.

You just know the symptom – smoke under the hood, anxiety on dates – but you can’t fix it.

While when you have your awareness well developed, you will be just like the mechanic who can pinpoint and fix the issue in 5 minutes.

The more aware you are of the specifics of this anxiety the easier it is to manage it. What are these specifics: how it really works inside of you? What energy is raises? how it raises it? The kind of thoughts you are having? and so on.

Then you can deal with it easily. That’s the awareness. And that’s why it’s so important. Simply because no mechanic will know your “car” as well as you can.

When you have awareness of sexual energy you can pinpoint very accurately what is happening with it and why you can’t get no attraction. Often, it’s because you are blocking or contracting your energy, but without the awareness you can’t really know that – or how to fix it.

At their essence, all our trainings are about awareness. Awareness of how different types of energy manifest in your body and mind, how your mind is behaving, and so on – and, of course, how to control all of it.

This is different than simply giving you “information”. Awareness is the EXPERIENTIAL knowledge. If it was just information it will be just like the mechanic who learned everything in books and never looked at a real engine.

What we offer in our trainings is the practical knowledge of the mechanic who trains everyday with real engines. That’s why we also offer support in all trainings. With a real engine, it’s inevitable that you come across something which is not described on the textbook. And that’s why we are here!

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