How to release fear and limitations

Here’s an interesting question from a student:

“What do you think are some of the most powerful and efficient ways to release any fears and limitations or unblock our highest potential?”

Any technique which will unblock the body, mind and energy together will be good.

You need to consider that our “fears and limitations” are stored somewhere in our body, mind and energy.

Most people think of them as some sort of abstract concept of your unconscious.

But what exactly is a fear?

Basically, you feel something negative inside of you – can be a tightness, a pain, a shortness of breath, etc -, something happens inside of you – you can say it’s the adrenaline pumping or some kind of hormone or nervous system reaction, but whatever it is, it has specific effects in you.

Effects that you can pinpoint and describe.

Then your mind creates a thought which allows you to handle it or avoid it. When the negative feeling is very intense, you just want to run away.

Also, different fears and limitations tend to have different manifestations. A fear of spiders may cause a different reaction in you than the fear of public speaking.

So the “fears and limitations” are not abstract concepts.

They are very real and can be pinpointed precisely.

For example, when you think about what is stopping you from being able to speak in public at ease, you can get very precise bodily feelings, energetic feelings and thoughts.

There’s a particular flow of energy, as well as particular change in your own energy.

If you are not aware of what’s happening inside, it tends to be a lot harder to get rid of it, but when you break it down to individual components and start to identify all the minute changes happening in your body, and when you learn to control your own flow and quality of energy, “unblocking” becomes easy.

You dissociate from these internal feelings, accept them, and then you are able to control them.

So it’s always a combination of action within mind, body and energy.

That’s part of what you do in The Unblocking Process training, but naturally, you go a lot deeper into your own mind, body and energy.

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