How to stop attracting negative people to your life

Often students email me about seemingly attracting negative people to their life.

Negative people can really put a heavy burden in our energy. Particularly if you interact often with them.

They can drain your energy, they can change a positive quality into a negative one, they can transform you into a worse version of yourself.

Overall, you don’t want them around.

Particularly if you are on the early phases of training your personal magnetism and trying hard to change. You certainly don’t need an anchor pulling you down as you are trying to move forward.

So, when they pop up into your life, are you really attracting them? Is your own magnetism attracting these people into your life?

There’s an important point to be made.

Just because you encounter these type of people in your life it doesn’t mean you are somehow attracting them to your life or that you are doing something wrong.

Regardless of how great and powerful your magnetism is, your social life will never be 100% free of negative people forever.

You’ll still encounter these people and you’ll need to work or interact with them for some reason.

That’s part of life and living in society.

But there are two main differences:

1) The way you handle these people and/or the situation.

A magnetic individual is not free of landing in a place filled with snakes. But that doesn’t mean he will stay there for long.

As soon as a magnetic individual notice the place he is in, and the energy in this place, he will find a way to leave.

That is often not true in people with some sort of negativity inside themselves who tend to endure these type of situations for a long time – lowering their own energy in the process.

So a magnetic individual would do his/her best to be as little time as possible around negativity or with individuals negatively affecting his/her own magnetism.

2) A different matter would be if a large majority of people you encounter in your life – and those normally around you – would be these type of negative or vampiric people.

Encountering a few negative people in your life is completely normal. But if most people the people you encounter are negative, then it’s a different matter.

Then indeed your magnetism would probably be the reason and you will need to work on that.

The last point you need to be aware of, is if YOU are one of these negative people yourself. We are very quickly to judge others, but it’s often much harder to take a good hard look to ourselves.

So you need to ask yourself: do you overall feel good? Are you bringing good energy when you are meeting people? Is it easy for people to like you and interact with you? Are most of your interactions of a positive and easygoing nature?

You certainly don’t want to be the energy drainer everyone else is trying to get away from.

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