How to stop energy leaks

As you now live, your forces and energy are constantly leaking from you in many ways which you may not be aware.

This causes drainage. This causes tiredness. This causes you to be less attentive than you should. This causes an habit of useless expenditure of energy.

Many times there is far more energy expended though impatience in doing small things than the great ones.

You may bend forward to pickup a pen that fell to the floor and in that impatient act you send force enough to lift more than fifty pounds.

But when you have a heavy weight to lift you take more time to concentrate you force upon it. You increase gradually your lifting power against the weight.

When you are in the habit of doing things in a way that is not focused and attentive to the true value of the action, you are constantly draining yourself of your energy.

When the true value of your energy is understood, you can discover that all acts in everyday life are of equal importance.

As far as your own energy is concerned, there’s no difference from picking up a pen to an act of public speaking. They are similar acts in the sense that they both require a set amount of energy to do.

Do either one of them with more energy (nervousness, haste, anxiety) or less energy (apathy, weakness, slowness) and you’ll notice drainage of energy.

Depletion and extreme tiredness at the end of the day.

It’s not the acts in themselves or the work which gets you tired and exhausted. It’s the excess or the shortage of energy that drains you.

Yet, when you use the exact amount of energy, which you can only do by a focused and concentrated act, you actually gain energy which brings clearness of mind, clear judgement and vitality.

Not to mention a much greater charisma.

Small acts or small expenditures of energy are the small things you must be attentive over so that you become a master of your own vital energy.

In short: Take notice to the small acts you do everyday.

Are you doing them attentively? Are you really putting your attention to make sure you are not spending more energy than you should?

The attention and focus you put in these small acts are often the difference between a person with a great vital energy and one who is constantly drained.

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